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By 2022

100 000 Individuals will have followed one of our trainings, becoming financially more autonomous.

500 Companies will have shown their committment to CSR by offering our trainings to their employees.

1000 Individuals will have reduced their debt and will be saved from becoming poor.

Our Objective

We want you to have a better life!


YMW trainings will help you control your financial situation and stabilize your life, reducing your level of stress. Learn More


Financial stability brings serenity and will free up your mind. Learn More


Better financial control will give you access to more resources to develop your personal and professional life. Learn More

Your Money Watcher training is available where you are

Our Online Training


The aim of the ESSENTIALS program is to teach our unique financial management method AMCP (Awareness, Measure, Control and Plan), in a practical and direct approach delivering quick results. 

At the end of the training, participants can start immediately to manage their personal finance thanks to our proven method. Techniques and tools are simple and easy to use.

Understanding and applying fundamentals of personal finance management is often what can turn hardship into prosperity.

Free lifetime use of Your Money Watcher© personal finance management tools is granted to all participants.

Our training for book lovers

Your Money Watcher© training in book

Your Money Watcher© personal finance training available in Book

A better financial situation is at your reach! You will notice real improvements in many areas of your life, not only because you will have more money, but also because you will become a different person. This book will improve your life, whichever your personal finance situation is.

Readers are granted free lifetime use of Your Money Watcher© personal finance management tools.

Luís F. Lourenço

Our experience and knowledge at your fingertips



AMCP Method – Your financial success in 4 steps: Awareness, Measure, Control & Plan.


This Masterclass will bring you a simple but innovative perspective on money management. You will learn to apply financial management concepts to your personal needs. We should all take control of our money, now! Stop suffering from disorganization and lack of method. Set your objectives, measure where you are and start to plan.

This is your life and your money. A simple and clear money management will help you to reduce your debt and protect you from becoming poor.

Trainings, Workshops, Conferences and Other Events

Other Trainings & Events

We are present in 

An array of trainings and events for you and your company.

YMW regularly organizes new educational events (workshops, webinars), aiming to share the best financial practices with interactive discussions, in large or smaller groups.
From raising awareness to full knowledge acquisition of our AMCP method, your event can be tailor-made to your needs.


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